Straw plates from the Müritz.
100% healthy. 100% natural.
Straw plates from the Müritz.
100% healthy. 100% natural.

Invest in the future too - completely natural!

Cradle to cradle - Our contribution for climate protection

In view of the advanced worldwide forest dying and drastic effects concerning the balance of the earth,
connected with this, it is an (urgent) request for us, to perform a contribution for the protection of our
climate. We strictly work according to the principle "cradle to cradle" - an integral concept of trade
cycle, which provides the natural and technical recycling of products. This means, our, according to this
principle developed straw-plates, can be composted completely after their life cycle, respectively serve
as basis for the manufacturing of new products at 100%.

Certified emission-freedom.

Damage to no tree at all is harmed for the manufacturing of our straw plates. Our estimation is the
preservation of the "green lung" of the earth.

That is why we use annually growing again raw materials for our sustainable and durable products
exclusively. By consciously renunciation on chemical fixing means our products are 100% natural.
Provable no formaldehyde. No other toxic substances. Mould-resistant. And, on top, fire protection

As breathing active insulation material or raw plate for furniture manufacture - our natural straw-plates guarantee a pleasant and
healthy room air condition and provide, in case of a fire, essential protection. Therefore the Müritz strawplates
provide an important contribution for a sustainable organic architecture for the future.