Visit of a delegation from vietnam at Strohplattenwerk Müritz

As part of an EU-project Strohplattenwerk Müritz GmbH was visited by 3 participants of a vietnamese delegation from Dinh Tien Institute of Medicine (DTHIM) and representatives from the Centre for Research Sponsorship of the University of Greifswald. The interest in the philosophy of the company was deep, aspecially in the processing of the residues of the agriculture. The three guests from Vietnam took a look at the broad range of products and were filled with enthusiasm by a short presentation about non-combustibility of insulation boards developed by Strohlos.

Also in agriculture of Vietnam there´s nearly the same amount of residues - rice husks, rice straw, maize straw, sugarcane or typha accumulate as a side product and were burned for the most part. A sustainable use of these residues is also desirable in Vietnam. The first step is to check if the whole manufacturing process from biomass to construcion elements is transferable to regions of Vietnam. That could occur in a small project.

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